Sunday, February 3, 2013

The first email is from the Father and the second is from his young daughter who owned Chloe....Ken

Mr Shuck, 
Kelsey asked me to write you and tell you about the tragedy we had this weekend.  We have lost our little Chloe.  While we were gone Saturday for a graduation celebration, she somehow got loose and ended up getting hit on the road.  We are all still devastated.  I know you understand how close you can get with dogs, and our whole family is mourning deeply right now.  I am at work crying as I send this to you, and can not explain how bad we feel.  Kelsey said she is still unable to even write about it right now, hopefully today is better for her.  I am so sorry to be sending this to you, we really loved her and appreciated what a wonderful gift you had blessed us with.  Kelsey's Father

March 4 2011 - June 11, 2011

Chloe was born in a litter between Dutchess and Clancy with all girls. When my dad and I went to visit the pups the first time I loved all the pups, but the second time we went I was holding a black faced puppy and was looking at all the others, then the other blacked faced puppy “winked” at me. Then I immediately sat the one I was holding down and picked up the other one. She instantly fell asleep in my arms. That’s when I fell in love with her. My dad was telling me not to fall in love with any of them but I did anyway. I was 4th out of 5 to pick my pup so it was unlikely that I was going to get the one I wanted. When I was told there were only two left and it was my turn to choose I was so nervous yet excited! When Kenny sent the pics the one that I loved was one of the choices. 
When we went to pick Chloe up I was so happy! She didn't sit still the whole time. Finally when we got home I gave her a bath and she didn't really like her bath that much. As soon as the bath was over she shook herself off and then walked over to her bed and laid down and fell right asleep.
Chloe would wake up and we would play for 15 or 20 minutes and then she would walk over to her bed and fall asleep again. When she ate she would be eating and then look up with her eyes and it was the cutest thing ever.
The first day of school with her came and I got up at 5 so I could play with her for a while before I went to school. Then when I got home we would play for hours. I was teaching her how to fetch, sit, lay, roll, and shake. At one point she would try to sit lay and shake all at the same time so that she would get the treat.

As it warmed up outside we got our kiddie pool out and she absolutely loved that pool. We thought she would hate it because she hated bathes. She would run and jump into the pool and then lay down and drink all the water she could. If she was really hot she would stick her nose down in the water and run around the inside edge of the pool and get all wet then run to the grass and roll in it. When I would refill her pool she would chase the hose around it and get soaked! She loved drinking out of the water hose, so it was almost impossible to water the flowers.
When Chloe would play with the other dogs she would jump all over them, but they didn't like that too much.
Our first and last camping trip with Chloe was a blast she was so good! She stayed quiet and whenever we would take her to go potty she would always find a big stick to play with. We had several people stop up and ask what kind of dog she was and say how beautiful she was. We took along her favorite toys; her squirrel, doggy, froggy, and soccer ball. 
The first day of my summer break we had an open house party to go to and when we got home it was the worst thing I had heard in a long time. I always wonder why? She was perfect and I miss her so much, everyone in the family does. As I look through my camera I keep finding pictures and videos of her that I had forgotten about. RIP Chloe Mae, I love you.  Kelsey